Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ten commandments for seasonnaires

When doing a ski season its easy to get caught up in the bubble of it all. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Thou shall not talk like this:

2) Never ask anyone out there what they do for their real job. Not everyone's life aspirations are to work in the city.
3) Thou shall not carry my skis like this:
 or this 
just carry them!

4) Thou shall not get goggle marks or worse still apply suncream to the inside of your goggles in order to gain better goggles marks. It is unbelievable but true, I have seen this done.
5) Thou shall not stand across the piste. Yes it makes for a wonderful photo but not a great piste for everyone else.
6) Thou shall not take the season drama too seriously. Its a small resort bubble, people get bored. Rise above it, get over it. 
7) Thou shall drink chalet wine. Yes, 1080's. Think dirt cheap chalet wine, cassis and lemonade in a pink glass- pure class.
8) You shall never wear a stupid hat....
like this..... and definitely not like this....

9) If in doubt thou shalt blame everything on the altitude. Why you're late for work, why you can't remember anything from last night and why you haven't contacted home in the past 5 months.
10) Thou shall remember that ski resorts are small. If you don't want everyone to know you did it don't do it.

Hope it helps!

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